From Healthy Latte Pop-Ups to Immersive TV Show Events

 - Jun 24, 2017
In order to get a message out or to make a name stick with consumers, brands know that it's important to involve consumers in memorable experiences that they're likely to think back to when they make a purchase -- which these June 2017 interactive trends demonstrate how to do.

One of the most creative experiences that's featured in these June 2017 interactive trends is the prize wheel from WestJet. During a flight from Toronto to Las Vegas, the airline announced that passengers on one side of the plane could look down to see a prize wheel that was visible from 12,000 feet up. The lucky winner was rewarded with a stay at the Venetian, a shopping spree, tickets to shows, as well as round-trip tickets to the party city.

In order to help its shoppers find gifts for their loved ones, eBay created a pop-up that utilized facial expression recognition technology to point them in the right direction. After consumers browsed through the online retailer's selection of offerings, they received a report that showed which product they connected to the most -- allowing them to make more educated decisions regarding their purchases so they'd leave with something they'd truly cherish.