Old Spice Launched 'S.Q.U.I.D.' to Promote Its Krakengard Scent

 - May 22, 2017
References: twitch & adweek
To mark the release of its newest scent collection, Krakengard, Old Spice launched a limited-time game called 'S.Q.U.I.D,' which is short for 'Shared Quests Uniting Individual Dudes.'

In the game, players are challenged to guide a mythical sea creature through the rites of adulthood, such as getting a job, passing a driving test, meeting a date's parents and other important milestones. True to the name of the game, the game has players take turns controlling one of the eight robotic limbs of the creature. While waiting, players are lined up in a "Holding Tank" area, which is styled on Twitch like a chat room, but also have the chance to cause changes to the game's environment by using custom Twitch emotes.