From Sporty Feminine Hygiene Ads to Heroic Streaming Campaigns

 - Aug 28, 2016
These August 2016 commercials range from sporty feminine hygiene ads to heroic streaming campaigns that promote a popular website with the help of a well-recognized social media mascot.

Additional standouts include personalized fatherhood campaigns and cool mom ads that dispel common parenting stereotypes. For example, Johnson's latest commercial spotlights dedicated and hardworking dads who are proud to show their soft side. While moms are often depicted as capable parents, dads can be ridiculed in most mainstream marketing examples -- appearing to lack common sense or parenting knowledge. This commercial rejects the common notion and pulls at the heart strings of viewers.

Anime parody promotions and sitcom-themed pizza ads round off these August 2016 commercials and reference popular culture to garner the attention of young audiences who will relate to memorable quotes and characters.