House Beer's Debut Ad Captures the SoCal Lifestyle

 - Jul 6, 2016
References: & adweek
Nothing says SoCal like a laid-back lifestyle, and House Beer captures this in its debut commercial. The ad is simple, fun, and gets the brands message of not being pretentious across. To ensure the viewer remembers this key aspect of the brand, the ad shows a lite beer and a seasonal beer being crushed by a Vans-clad foot.

The playful nature of the commercial is truly captured when a Millennial is seen partying with a can, and then in the next shot, a Baby Boomer is taking a sip and showcasing the can.

Brewed in Venice, California, House Beer is "a premium beer for the understated lifestyle." And if great-tasting beer with a SoCal vibe isn't enough of a selling point, House Beer's CSR should help sell it even further. According to the company website, House Beer has "pledged to contribute 1% of our sales each year to under-funded non-profits to the pursuit of preserving and restoring our natural environment."