From Sporty Feminine Hygiene Ads to Comedic Food Documentaries

 - Jul 31, 2016
These July 2016 commercials range from romantic cat food adds to humorous fast food documentaries that chronicle a fictional Burger King Whopper blackout. In addition to humorous ad campaigns like Old Navy's satirical back-to-school commercial -- a Spanish-speaking ad that pokes fun at parents' conservative clothes -- other favorites include multicultural beauty campaigns that promote diversity while spotlighting products for varying skin tones.

Keeping in tune with a theme of empowerment, ads like JCPenney's latest aim to promote body positivity while crushing negative stereotypes and spotlighting plus-sized women who embody beauty and success while showing off their authentic personal style.

Other July 2016 commercials include rebranded chicken colonel ads and inner child athletic campaigns that remix familiar company mascots in a fun way that will capture the attention of viewers.