This Cadbury Dairy Milk for India Ad Plays on Bollywood Themes

This past October, Cadbury Dairy Milk rolled out a clever ad for the Indian market that incorporates popular Bollywood themes. Playing on themes of friendship and unique Indian celebrations, the ad is perfectly tailored to the Indian market.

In the ad created by Ogilvy & Mather, a women is seen enjoying a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar while overlooking a celebration going on below her. She is eventually joined by her mother in-law, who greets her with a frosty reception until offered a piece of the chocolate bar. Bonding over the treat subsequently causes the two to break out into energetic dancing. The ad ends with the phrase "Badhti dosti ke naam," which references the concept of friendship.

While the idea of friendship is universal, the Cadbury Dairy Milk ad expertly incorporates common Bollywood themes and specific Indian traditions to tailor the ad for South Asian consumers.