This SatirAd Points Out The Narcissistic Nature of Award Ceremonies

 - Jul 5, 2016
References: cangoldaward & designtaxi
In an attempt to point out the egotism and narcissistic nature of celebrity award shoes, Casey Schweikert and Liz Loudy created a satirical ad in a partnership with the non-profit 'Action Against Hunger.'

The satirical ad is inspired by the 'Cannes Gold Lion,' an award that goes to people at the creativity celebrating festival. The awards cost $1,500 and the 'Can Gold' parody makes fun of that fact by stating that one of the awards could feed 33 malnourished children. The award claims to "feed more than just your ego," a direct hit to the abundant self-entitlement that can be seen in popular award ceremonies for people who may be talented, but who's egos do not need to be "fed" at the cost of less fortunate people.

This satirical ad humorously points out the futile nature of over-the-top award shows while simultaneously promoting an excellent cause.