This German Commercial Follows Grocery Shopping Cats with a Meowing Song

 - Jun 13, 2016
References: youtube & designtaxi
This German commercial from the supermarket chain Netto-Marken Discount promotes its brand using humanistic cats and a retro beat. Considering how popular cats are on the Internet in the form of memes, YouTube videos, Instagram accounts and more, using the animals for a grocery store commercial gives it all the material it needs to go viral on the web and create more awareness for the company as a result. The German commercial succeeds in this, with the comical ad reigning in well over a million views on YouTube in the first few days.

The cats meow the song that plays in the background as they walk through the aisles, pushing carts and grabbing the best deals. Netto-Marken Discount refers back to a popular cat video as well, using a sound sample of a cat seeming to repeat the word "no" when it sees another taking the last of a product from the shelf. The commercial ends with the cats paying at the register, with one smiling upon seeing a steal of a price.