Ian Wright Licks Everything to Prove His Immune System Strength

 - Jun 22, 2016
References: adweek & designtaxi
Gefilus, a probiotics company that's based in Finland, created an ad to show consumers just how effective its product is in building immune system strength in a cringe-worthy way. As most people know, keeping your hands clean is a key factor in keeping healthy, as people are constantly touching public surfaces that could be covered in potentially harmful bacteria. With this in mind, the idea of licking such surfaces in enough to send most into a panic.

Gefilus takes this notion and turns it on its head with the help of Valio -- with the ad following comedic TV host Ian Wright as he dares to lick public surfaces like a payphone, money, escalator rail, bottles found in the garbage, a subway pole and much more. The ad is long at 22 minutes -- making it work more as an informative TV episode that's complete with interviews with doctors. In summary, he scopes out things to lick that he believes would have the most bacteria in order to increase his immune system strength with the help of the probiotics brand's product.