These Old Spice Commercials Show Men Claiming Power Through Scent

 - Jul 5, 2016
References: youtube & adweek
Old Spice commercials are known for the brand's ability to appeal to its consumers in a way that's both humorous and effective -- previously proven by its ads which feature a suave horse-riding man.

In a recent campaign, the men's hygiene brand released a series of short commercials that feature the message 'Smell 'Em Who's Boss.' A total of four ads have been released for the campaign so far. The 'Five Year Plan' shows a man in a prestigious corporate job interview smelling his Old Spice deodorant as he's asked questions. After doing so, he and his interviewer recoil into their suits and switch places, with the Old Spice commercial showing it's user placed into a position of power with the help of its product.

'Innocent' shows the same actor in an interrogation room, with the ad revealing him behind a strange soap-covered piano. With the help of his Old Spice soap, he unlawfully convinces the police that he's not guilty. With exaggerated themes and ridiculous plots, the Old Spice commercials are leveraged by the viral nature of the content, reaching more consumers and therefore leading to more sales.