From Student Prodigy Campaigns to Shoppable Music Videos

 - Sep 30, 2015
These September 2015 commercials range from authentic fatherhood campaigns to minimalist anti-aging ads that feature a celebrity with little to no makeup. As consumers continue to seek authenticity and honesty from the media, major brands are taking notice and are investing in heartwarming and non-fictional marketing tactics.

Whether casting real families rather than models and actors or breaking stereotypes with senior commercial stars, major brands are looking to connect to younger audiences by being as transparent with them as possible.

In addition to the month's heartwarming ads, these September 2015 commercials also include charitable and uplifting examples -- Claro's 'Signs of Progress' telecom commercial empowers females in an under-privileged community -- as well as commercials that exaggerate workplace life by injecting it with extreme or fun scenarios that immerse viewers into a fantasy world.