A&W Creates a Floating Restaurant with a Water Accessible Drive Thru

 - Aug 21, 2015
References: aw & marketingmag
It's not often that you can float through on a raft to pick up a burger from a fast food drive thru, but burger chain A&W recently made it possible thanks to a PR stunt turning the popular eatery into a floating restaurant.

Video footage posted onto the company's Facebook page showcases dozens of foodies visiting a man-made A&W barge to receive free Teen Burgers. The barge was small in size and decorated to look like a miniature A&W establishment floating along the Penticton River Channel in Penticton, British Columbia. Popular commercial personality 'trainee Ryan' floated alongside the barge on a tube handing out free Teen Burgers to fellow rafters and sharing witty commentary. The publicity stunt video has since gone viral with up to 1.1 million views in just a few short days.