Ethel and Frank's Mockery Ads Star Granny Supermodels

 - Aug 12, 2015
References: ethelandfrank & adweek
'Ethel and Frank' is a new company that's selling old-school vintage products with modern mockery ads. Kelly Diaz's new line of vintage handbags is the focus of these ads, which feature sassy old grandmas sporting kitschy swag and modeling in slow-motion to electro-pop.

The ads have 65-year-old women doing everything from the splits in a classy fur coat to seductively licking ice cream cones while rocking a t-shirt that says "cool story bro."

While Diaz could have marketed the vintage handbag line in a pretentious way, she instead teamed up with director Michael Zimmerman to use humor in a more successful advertising campaign. "I'm a chick who works in advertising and got bored with chick advertising," Diaz explains her ad scheme bluntly. These mockery ads celebrate the fact that being old is cool, both in vintage fashion as well as literally with age.