- Sep 30, 2015
Many of the top September 2015 retail ideas show that companies are really stepping up with unique products and experiential events to take both branding and engagement to the next level.

In terms of branding, secondhand retailer Goodwill is launching a series of upscale Goodwill Boutiques that will cater to a more high-end clientele with discerning tastes. Similarly, McDonald's created an upscale dinner experience in Asia that challenged some of the preconceptions about fast food and gourmet meals.

Another most unexpected new development are the 'HefeWheaties' created by General Mills and a craft brewery. Prior to this, Ben & Jerry's launched an ice cream beer, as well as an ice cream-inspired craft brew. Unexpected collaborations like these in the retail world offer consumers new ways to appreciate beloved brands.

From High-End Thrift Shops to Social Brand Messengers: