This Online Retailer is Changing the Way Consumers Buy Flowers

Farmgirl Flowers is an online retailer that is working to change the way consumers buy flowers in the San Francisco area. Traditionally, most consumers have turned to brick-and-motor retail outlets in order to choose their floral arrangements. Famgirl Flowers has taken the flower buying experience online by using social media to understand customer needs and preferences.

Unlike most floral retailers, Farmgirl Flowers does not have a physical storefront. Instead the company leverages the power of Facebook and Instagram to build its customer base. The company interacts with customers via these social media channels to poll seasonal preferences and design custom arrangements. The company thus builds customer relationships virtually, rather than in-store.

Famgirl Flowers is ultimately changing the experience of buying flowers by taking it out of the store. Now consumers have the ease of using social media to interact with brands and customize their shopping experience.