The Eco Washing Machine Uses 80% Less Water Using Recyclable Beads

 - Aug 10, 2015
References: xeroscleaning & popularmechanics
Xeros created an incredible eco washing machine that reduces the amount of water used on laundry by up to 80%. This saves the consumer money in the process of creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly home.

The way these laundry machines work is by using detergent and cold water in combination with statically charged plastic beads. These beads attract and hold onto dirt during the wash. At the end, their weight draws them to the bottom where they get rid of the grime. Even better, these beads can be used for between 500 and 1,000 cycles and then are recycled, often becoming car dashboards.

Right now, these machines are implemented in laundromats, dry cleaners and hotels. Xeros is working on getting this eco washing machine into homes within the decade so that their benefits can be felt in both residential and commercial markets.