From Competitive Brain-Boosting Apps to Anti-Aging Beer

 - Jan 31, 2016
Although many are reaching the age of retirement, the top 2015 boomers trends reveal that this influential demographic is not slowing down anytime soon. Whether it is staying physically fit or embarking on a new relationship, boomers have demonstrated a desire to maintain an active lifestyle as they age.

Similar to other age groups, boomers appear to be interested in maintaining a healthy diet and staying psychically active. The effort to stay active can come in the form of joining a senior-targeted sports team or attending health-centric workshops. These kinds of activities not only help boomers stay active, but they also encourage social interaction.

In addition to staying healthy, many boomers are also eager to embrace technology that can help to make their lives easier. This can include dating apps for people aged 50 and over, wearable devices that provide medication reminders and user-friendly communication systems. Indeed, the top 2015 boomer trends reveal that this influential demographic is just as eager to learn about new technology as younger consumers.

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