These Romanian Ads Encourage Those Over 55 and Able to Work to Get a Job

 - Nov 14, 2015
References: adsoftheworld
These 'Active at Any Age' employment ads are targeted at Romanian Boomers who are nearing the early retirement age, encouraging them to continue working if they are physically able. The Romanian ads are supported by the National Agency for Employment, in hopes to stimulate more economic growth by employing an age range that has the option of simply retiring at 55.

The ads feature a little girl or boy dressed up as a grandma or grandpa and sitting around knitting or watching the TV. Above in big letters, the ads quote the children, "When I grow up I want to retire early." Below it reads, ''You too are a role model for Romania's future generation."

The employment ads send the clear message that older people should be continuing to work if they are able instead of setting the ideal of "retiring early" into the younger generation.