From Pizza Emoji Deliveries to Social Job Hunt Training

 - Jun 28, 2015
June 2015 social media ideas don't just cover new and old platforms, but also how they affect digital marketing, the way consumers behave and human communication in general.

The prevalence of emojis isn't just changing the way young people interact with each other, but also how they interact with brands and other organizations. For example, customers can order Domino's delivery by tweeting their official account using the pizza emoji. Emojis are also being used to raise awareness about violence against children.

The June 2015 social media campaigns also demonstrate how online influencers can leverage their Internet following and collaborate with other businesses. This includes branded food photography events and social currency shops where customers can use their friends to get free merchandise.

In addition to new apps and networks being launched all the time, online users are also continuing to innovate using popular channels like Instagram.