The Dinner Mode App Gamifies Meal-Time in an 'Un-Techy' Way

 - May 16, 2015
References: & designtaxi
It will soon be the etiquette that a phone must be put away just like a hat at the dining table -- but until that's ingrained in modern society, people can rely on the Dinner Mode app as a reminder. It gamifies putting away smartphones by allowing people to choose how long they want to go without checking it. When the user does decide to check his or her phone, Dinner Mode will let them know if they failed at their personal challenge.

Created by Sloane Davidson and developed by Revelry, the Dinner Mode app is meant to help people create the habit of unplugging. Easy to use, it will also encourage deeper connections with people at the dinner table. Consumers will appreciate the reminder to disconnect digitally to connect in person.