The ooVootique Lets Social Media Influencers Trade ooVoo Friends for Merch

 - May 21, 2015
References: oovoo & psfk
Although many young Millennials fresh out of school may be poor in cash, they tend to be rich in friends, as ooVoo realized. Knowing that money holds less value than social currency for this group, the video and chat messaging app set up a shop called the ooVootique, where its users could trade in their ooVoo friends for products.

At the pop-up shop, there are satchels, knickknacks and even bicycles that can be traded for over 1,000 ooVoo friends. The more friends you have on the app, the richer you feel. There's even a Hundred Grand bar that can be exchanged for 100,000 friends. As well as encouraging people to get active on the app, the temporary shop also sparks a fear of missing out that urges new users to download the app and get chatting right away.