TENA Presents Its Adult Incontinence Pad with Humor

 - Apr 13, 2015
References: twitter & wersm
Since "incontinence" refers to a lack of control by definition, this is used as the premise of the 'Control' advertisement for an incontinence pad by TENA.

The commercial introduces Stirling Gravitas, a powerful character who is described as a "Man of a certain age, who’s in control of all aspects of his life." This is demonstrated by his ability to expertly park cars, dance on water, perform crazy yoga poses and have people obey his every command. As well as having control over all these things in his life, the man also throws in a mention of urine leakage at the end, although it's not an issue for him.

Rather than making this product seem like one that will take away some of your freedom, TENA suggests that its consumers will actually be able to do more, just like Gravitas, a do-it-all kind of guy.