These Ads Show the Destinies of a Bald Versus a Full-Haired Walter White

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: adsoftheworld
These clever shampoo ads use the fear of becoming bald to encourage male consumers to use the Placentum hair product. With the slogan, "Your hair defines you. Take care of it," the ads show the different life paths of the same man with a different hairstyle.

The trio of print ads each feature a man at the bottom of the page with the top of their heads cut off. Above are two head-topping options: one with hair and the other without. With the match-up of each different hairstyle comes a very different destiny.

A moustached man in a suit confidently orders "Whiskey!" with a thick head of hair, while the balding version asks "Whiskey?" to the table he's serving. The coiffed version of a broad-shouldered man is Superman, ready to save the world, while balding Lex Luther is trying to rule it. Finally, pre-chemo Walter White is exclaiming, "I'm in danger?" while the bald version states: "I'm the danger!"