From Contemporary Elderly Housing to Child-Oriented Cafes

 - Nov 28, 2015
These November 2015 life-stages trends range from contemporary elderly housing centers to child-oriented cafes that give parents a coffee break while entertaining the whole family. Defying expectations and common stereotypes, the month's life-stages examples include uncovered tattoo portraits like a revealing series by London-based photographer Alan Powdrill.

The artist's 'Hidden Tattoos' project captures side-by-side images of elderly subjects who appear ordinary only to reveal tattoo art that covers their entire body when unclothed. This example is followed by another unexpected look at the perception of age and social norms -- a Bratz doll makeunder that reimagines the overly sexualized toys as realistic versions of the everyday girl.

Other November 2015 life-stages examples include educational piggy bank toys that resemble a classic money safe but instead feature smart capabilities that teach children about money management at a young age.