This LEGO Halloween Batman Costume is Adorable and Fierce

The sometimes months-long task of creating the perfect, elaborately constructed Halloween costume is one of the biggest joys of being a kid -- and this LEGO Halloween costume is a great example of a DIY triumph.

The LEGO Halloween costume creates a blocky Batman costume for little superheroes. Making it a LEGO Halloween costume -- rather than just regular Batman -- allows for a few design cheats. The helmet, for example, can be made with a bucket and tin foil, giving it a LEGO-like, rounded shape. The body of the LEGO Halloween costume is constructed out of foam core and construction paper. Because it's supposed to look like a LEGO man, it's angular and box-like, cutting out the need for any sewing.

This homemade LEGO Halloween costume is guaranteed to be a hit with superhero-crazy kids and won't be a year-long DIY project for parents.