This Retirement Ad Lets Viewers See Potential Futures for 2045

This retirement ad verges on a sci-fi short film, showcasing two potential realities for the year 2045: one of sustainable cities full of happy people and plenty of food and the other with smog-filled skies, rampant riots and liquid salad.

This imaginative commercial lets viewers see what may happen to the future environment if you invest with Sweden's sustainable pension management company, SPP, compared to if you don't. The commercial is intended to be watched on a computer and invites viewers to drag their cursor to the left or right to see the split screen situations. One side shows a bleak polluted future, while the other is brighter in both color and circumstance.

The creative retirement ad piques interest with an interactive component, while reminding people that SPP invests money only in sustainable practices and companies, resulting in a happier and healthy world for you to retire in.