'Nameless Paints' Avoid Restricting Imagination by Labeling Color Names

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: spoon-tamago
These Japanese 'Nameless Paints' let children fully express themselves by avoiding the labels that so often come on kids' coloring supplies.

The sky can be called blue, but there are a million other ways to describe it. A goldfish in a pond is orange, but it's also scaly, shimmery and squirmy. And who's to say that there shouldn't be a million totally unique names for every shade of every color a child can see in the world? That's the concept behind Nameless Paints, the Japanese coloring supplies that don't assign names to different colors of paint.

Kids can mix and match the paints to make their own many-hued coloring supplies, and they can call the colors they create whatever they want.