Magic Wheelchairs Ensures All Kids Can Trick-Or-Treat

An incredible dad whose children suffer from Spinal Muscular Atrophy has created magic wheelchairs so all of them can enjoy Halloween. Picking a costume is already difficult for most parents and kids, but being bound to a wheelchair makes that process even harder. Thankfully, a nonprofit organization called 'Magic Wheelchair' will make some children's dream a reality by making five specially made wheelchair costumes.

The idea came about when Ryan Weimer wanted his son to experience the joy of wearing a costume for Halloween. Despite being wheelchair-bound, Weimer was able to create a costume for his son by building a pirate ship around his son's wheelchair. Building these magic wheelchairs soon became a tradition, and is now Weimer's mission to do give all kids a unique Halloween costume.

Magic Wheelchair can act as a springboard and inspire other parents to create their child's very own wheelchair-incorporated costume.