Ikuzi Dolls Offer Little Girls Options When it Comes to Toys

 - Oct 3, 2015
References: kck.st & thegadgetflow
It can sometimes feel like the toys on the market are predominantly white in ethnicity, which leaves much of the world's population out of the equation, so to help strike a balance there are Ikuzi Dolls. Specifically designed to resemble girls of color ranging from dark to light brown complexion, Ikuzi Dolls also feature different types to reflect girls of all kinds.

Ikuzi Dolls were designed to let girls be proud of their African heritage and have a toy they can feel more closely connected with. What's more, Ikuzi Dolls are also dressed in vibrant colors and fabrics that are influenced by the traditional garments found in Africa. Currently funding on Kickstarter, Ikuzi Dolls are a big step forward towards inclusivity and respect for all.