This Collection of Children's Wall Decor References Wildlife

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: rhbabyandchild
Made from soft wool, these felt taxidermy accessories enhance the look of any modern nursery or children's room. Inspired by wildlife, these wall decor accents are cruelty-free and are designed to resemble more charming versions of hunting memorabilia.

Restoration Hardware Kids' faux taxidermy collection features busts of animals like rabbits, elephants and rhinos among other creatures. These felt taxidermy accessories mimic adult home decor items and are showcased in a sleek white fabric.

While traditional taxidermy is considered outdated and cruel, faux versions of these wall accessories have resurfaced in recent months. Referencing adult home decor fads, Restoration Hardware Kids creates a covetable home accessory for kids rooms that are designed with elegance in mind.