This App Teaches Young Children About Financial Literacy

 - Oct 4, 2015
'Savings Spree' is a new app that helps young children learn about financial literacy. For many children, money management is a lesson that comes much later in life. This app is designed to foster good habits at a young age in order to teach children about the benefits of saving.

Savings Spree is designed for children ages seven and up. The app features a gamified platform that turns each money management lesson into a fun activity. The app teaches children about how the choices they make each day can result in big savings or big expenses. The app encourages children to save money for short-term goals, spend frugally, donate to others and invest for long-term expenses. The idea is to teach children about how to manage their money properly before they begin earning their own income.

The app provides a fun and interactive platform for children to learn about financial literacy and foster good habits early on.