From Comforting Holiday Campaigns to Pet-Focused Christmas Ads

 - Mar 8, 2016
These memorable Christmas commercials range from humorously festive ads to comforting holiday campaigns with a sentimental brand message. Standouts include emotive commercials like a McDonald's ad that illustrates the power of a simple hug while following the relationship between an elderly man and his grandson along with anti Black Friday campaigns that promote quality family time over mindless shopping trips.

In the humor realm, brands like Temptations are marketing its cat treat range with comedic ads like its #SaySorry campaign that apologizes on the behalf of pet owners who dress up their furry friends. Additionally, standouts like Robert Dyas' low budget hardware ad appeal to Millennials with a viral video approach that is cost-effective and intriguing to younger audiences.

Other memorable Christmas commercials include caroling pizza delivery ads that enlist the help of real people to pull off an epic publicity stunt as well as gender-neutral toy ads that reject stereotypes associated with masculinity and femininity.