This Ad for Toys "R" Us Shows the Kindness of Children

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: adweek
This heartwarming ad for Toys "R" Us will immediately have the audience feeling the uplifting spirit of the Christmas season. This ad titled 'Tree' is the first ad for the brand's seasonal campaign called 'Awwwsome.'

The ad features a little girl who notices her elderly neighbor is often alone and has no Christmas decorations, while her house is filled with them. She and her friend team up to put a beautiful Christmas tree with lights and decorations in the elderly man's yard. This kind gesture was an act of selfless behavior that is not commonly expected in young children. The man is deeply touched and in return, he purchases and wraps gifts for all the children in the neighborhood.

This unique ad for Toys "R" Us is filled with heartwarming emotions instead of consumer goods. However, the point of the ad is to make an emotional connection with consumers. This will ensure consumers are more willing to purchase goods and products from this brand during the holiday season.