From Feminine Archery Sets to Gender-Neutral Doll Ads

 - Mar 14, 2016
These gender-inclusive kids products range from feminine archery sets to gender-neutral toy ads that aim to empower boys who enjoy playing with dolls. Standouts include inspiring female action figures and coding sets along with engineering toy commercials that discourage girls from embracing common princess stereotypes.

Another notable example is the Moschino Barbie ad that depicts a boy who is playing with dolls. The commercial's subject hangs out with two girls and proves to love his limited edition doll just as much as they do. This inclusive marketing approach appeals to Millennial parents who are more open than past generations. This audience is not only more encouraging of children's self expression but is also likely to promote inclusive values to their children from a young age.

Additional gender-inclusive products for kids include Nivea's sunburn-prone doll that teaches boys and girls about the importance of sun protection and Toys R' Us comic book plushies -- a more masculine set of dolls that celebrates classic Batman villains.