The Unicorn and Zebra Hybrid Toys are Perfect for Young Boys and Girls

 - May 18, 2015
References: zoonicorn
'Zoonicorns' are wonderful mythical plush toys that combine the fun stripes of a zebra with an enchanting unicorn horn. Both realistic and magical, this toy will suit any young boy or girl seeking a plushy pal!

Encouraging a kid's imagination, the unicorn aspects bring out a dream-like essence to the traditional stuffed animal. These adventurous and imaginative toys are accompanied by a book series to spark a child's early interested in reading. The combination of playtime and learning through these mythical plush toys is absolutely genius.

The Zoonicorn collection contains four characters including Valeo, Promithea, Aliel, Ene. Each of the mythical plush toys comes in a different color unique to its character. There is purple, pink, green and blue to make sure every child gets their favorite color! The book series follows the characters on numerous adventures and also provides a fun learning experience with interactive lessons.