This Old Navy Ad Spot Puts Unfashionable Guests at the Kids' Table

 - Dec 5, 2015
References: youtube & adweek
This humorous ad from Old Navy called 'Kid's Table' stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia who get banished from the adult table for reasons they can't figure out. It takes a kid to point out that their retro and ultra-casual outfits simply don't cut it at the adult's table.

As a beautiful couple walks in -- donning Old Navy -- they are gladly welcomed to the dinner party, bypassing the kid's table as if they don't exist. Soon enough, the same child speaks up and says all they have to do is simply go to Old Navy and purchase a different outfit.

The commercial's rather obscure tone is indicative of the twosome's television show, and departs from the typical heartwarming Christmas commercials. Old Navy however, opts for socially awkward, yet hilarious characters -- ones you probably don't want to spend Christmas dinner with.