From Sea Water Beverages to Human Wi-Fi Hotspots

 - Sep 30, 2015
Since humor is always an easy way to generate attention, there is plenty of it in the top September 2015 publicity stunt ideas. For instance, in order to play up the distress that people feel outdoors when disconnected from Wi-Fi, O2 sent out human 'GuyFi' hotspots to the beach to provide connectivity.

One of the top PR stunts of late comes from Burger King, which proposed joining forces with McDonald's to create a 'McWhopper' to end the fast food rivalry once and for all—although the stunt set the Internet ablaze with comments, McDonald's refused the offer to collaborate.

With humor in mind, Selfridges already launched its Christmas campaign for the year, mocking the ridiculous race retailers engage in to get consumers thinking about shopping for gifts even before the cold weather hits.