The New Nike Campaign Features Blake Griffin & Marvin the Martian

 - Aug 7, 2015
References: adweek
This humorous new Nike campaign promotes the brand's newest 'Jordan Super.Fly 4' sneakers. The commercial advertisement features basketball star Blake Griffin who competes in a dunk contest with Looney Tunes' Marvin the Martian.

The ad poses a striking familiarity to the 1990's film Space Jam that featured Micheal Jordan and a large cast of Looney Tunes, including Bugs Bunny. In this new Nike campaign, Bugs Bunny helps Blake Griffin out by providing him with the Jordan Super.Fly 4 sneakers. The shoes are brought to Blake on a silver platter just as Marvin the Martian is about to win the dunk contest.

The shoes appear to give Blake Griffin the extra edge needed to win the contest. With their bright green and deep red colors, the flashy shoes help Griffin perform an epic slam dunk that beats all of Marvin's sneaky cartoon tricks.