This Ad Negates Stereotypes of Incompetent First-Time Fathers

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: johnsonsbaby
Johnson's fatherhood campaign forgoes stereotypes about first-time fathers to show the reality -- that new fathers can be and are highly involved in their newborns' lives.

Traditionally, parenting commercials have shown first-time fathers to be incompetent, lazy and unwilling to get overly involved in the more difficult aspects of parenting. Johnson's ad shows young fathers and their children interacting in a way that illustrates how involved fathers can be in the lives of their children. By creating an advertisement solely for Millennial dads, the company goes against the grain of parenting commercials that tend to show young fathers as careless at best. The fatherhood campaign is accompanied by a #LittleWonders hashtag that encourages parents to submit photos and stories about their children -- personalizing the campaign even more.

By negating stereotypes and involving parents online, Johnson's is able to promote its brand without having to resort to caricaturing.