Mcdonald's 'GRAVICHEESE Commercial Takes the 'Triple Cheeseburger' into Space

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: & tbwa-paris
McDonald's is introducing the 'Triple Cheeseburger' in France and ad agency TBWA/Paris's created a funny television commercial to announce it. The 'GRAVICHEESE' ad is a comedic twist on the 2013 sci-fi film 'Gravity.'

The ad features two astronauts in a scary situation in outer space: one is about to be lost in the black abyss unless his partner saves him. The endangered astronaut is ready to give up, but his partner reminds him of the Triple Cheeseburger and his will to live returns. While the rescue mission continues, the two men talk about what makes the burger so delicious: three beef patties and three cheese slices.

TBWA/Paris' play on a highly acclaimed movie draws in consumer attention and makes the Triple Cheeseburger stick. The next time a consumer walks by McDonald's or sees the movie, they'll be reminded of the product and possibly feel the urge to try it.