From Rose-Shaped Doughnuts to Avocado Latte Cups

 - Jun 28, 2017
From over-the-top, multicolored beverages to delicately sculpted rose-shaped artisan doughnuts, these Instagrammable menu items highlight the current cultural fixation with food and drink experiences that are aesthetically bold, and often, boast elements of exclusivity, that make for prime social media content (and more specifically, Instagram).

Living in a post-Cronut world, there seems to be no shortage of 'menu items of the moment' to line up for or covet over, hinting at a culture of prosumerism that has consumers looking for any opportunity to create visual content that showcases their indulgences as means of social and cultural currency, and also as an expression of self.

One standout example (no, not the Unicorn Latte) is the cherry blossom cotton candy pizza served at Tokyo's Schmatz Restaurant. Inspired by cherry blossom season, the pizza boasts three cheeses and comes with a honey ginger sauce that melts the cotton candy when drizzled over the pizza pie.