Maja Vase's Raspberry and Licorice Dessert is Aesthetically Elegant

 - Feb 8, 2017
This almond berry cake recipe is the work of Maja Vase, a Danish food blogger who is known for her experimental and aesthetically pleasing desserts. The baker is a chocolate specialist and her raspberry and licorice dessert is no exception, boasting a portable snack size and a bold texture.

Consisting of a crunchy almond base, this dessert is balanced with a rich and creamy raspberry mouse. The almond berry cake also consists of salt and licorice ingredients and is elegantly garnished with fresh raspberries, currants and decorative Dulcey beads.

Additionally, the dessert boasts edible flower petal accents that give it a sophisticated flavor profile while adding to its presentation. In addition to its bold ingredient combinations, this dessert will also appeal to Instagram lovers thanks to its visually pleasing look.