The Creators of the Rainbow Bagel Made a New Eye-Catching Baked Good

 - May 23, 2017
References: instagram & hellogiggles
As the proud creators of The Original Rainbow Bagel, The Bagel Store recently launched another aesthetically pleasing baked good it is calling the Galaxy Bagel. The bagel boasts a base of blended blue, black and purple dough that's topped with edible glitter.

While the rise of the foodie movement over the last few years has inspired countless ingredient and flavor innovations, there is now a shift happening across the food and beverage industry. Many bakeries, cafes and restaurants are now launching menu items that are first and foremost aesthetically pleasing and emphasize looks over taste. As many young social media users want to share what they're eating on social media, this has called for the creation of share-worthy dishes that will naturally help to spread a brand's influence.