This Ad is Designed to Appeal to Moms Buying Eco-Friendly Baby Products

 - Jul 12, 2016
References: vimeo & ispot
The Honest Company recently released an ad that uses a testimonial from a real customer to promote its eco-friendly baby products. Like many other millennial consumers, millennial moms appreciate ads that tell stories that are authentic and relatable. This ad uses the storytelling tactic to appeal to young mothers who are looking for more natural baby products.

The 'Make a Change' ad stars Destinee Harris, who has been a customer of The Honest Company for several years. In the ad, Harris is seen cuddling her daughter, who is swathed in the company's eco-friendly diapers. The emotion-driven ad is meant to connect with millennial moms who value the comfort and safety of their children, while also prioritizing global causes such as environmentalism.

By using a personalized story and a narrative focused on millennial values, the ad for The Honest Company's eco-friendly baby products perfectly targets mothers with young families.