A New Simpsons Parody Shows Homer Playing Pokémon Go at the Zoo

 - Jul 19, 2016
References: youtube & highsnobiety
Pokémon Go is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon it seems, with everyone seemingly addicted to catching the creatures on their phones wherever they might be -- including iconic cartoon fathers in a new Simpson's parody titled 'Pokémon Now?' that promotes the show.

Homer's not known to be the most attentive father in the world as it is, which the show's creators interpret for the purposes of a short ad that shows him ignoring Bart and Lisa at the zoo as he stares into his smartphone.

The Simpsons parody shows how the Pokémon Go obsession is taking over realities for many people, with Homer choosing to find characters in the game rather than pay attention to the real animals in front of him. Bart and Lisa comically yell to get Homer's attention, saying things like "Dad, a mother giraffe is giving birth," "Dad, I'm walking on the wall along the lion pit" and "Dad, the baby giraffe is taking its first steps" -- however he barely takes his eyes off the game.