From Surround Sound Gamer Headsets to Analog Smartphone Controllers

 - Jun 25, 2017
These June 2017 game trends incorporate a diverse collection of products, with everything from ergonomic gaming gloves for serious fanatics, to miniature burger making games for children included.

For the release of the newest Ridley Scott film, 'Alien: Covenant,' Regal Cinemas joined up with Twentieth Century Fox to bring viewers an immersive VR experience that takes them right into the dystopic world where the film takes place. The experience makes use of Oculus Rift and Alienware Aura PCs -- meaning that the 360-degree immersive experience is capable of producing effects of the highest quality.

Another innovation that's featured in the June 2017 game trends are the Super Mario stools that are dedicated to some of the most iconic characters from the Super Mario Bros. franchise. Although much less technologically advanced than the previously mentioned Alien VR experience, the stools make a great addition to gaming rooms by adding some nostalgic flair.