'Toilet Trouble' Randomly Sprays Water at Players

 - May 11, 2017
References: youtube
Sandra and Spidey of DisneyCarToys, a child-friendly YouTube channel that's full of unboxings and game reviews, tried their hand at playing 'Toilet Trouble' for their viewers' amusement.

Perfect for ages 4 and up, the board game is simple, fast, and suspenseful -- making it great for players who might not have the longest attention spans. To start, Sandra spins the tiny toilet paper roll to find out how many flushes she has to do on her turn. As the water never splashes back at her, Spidey has to spin the roll and flush. As the water splashes back at him after he flushes, Sandra wins the round of Toilet Trouble. Due to this setup, the game requires two or more players.

As players never know when the water is going to splash back at them, it comes a total surprise when it does -- making Toilet Trouble a high energy game that keeps every player engaged.