QMod Energy Challenges Children to Learn Hands-On Science

 - May 17, 2017
References: kickstarter
QMod Energy is creating tools for the next generation of innovators by teaching children about energy in fun and engaging ways. The QMod Energy Block allows kids to use a variety of fun and creative power sources, like fruits, to power electric components.

The Energy Block runs at a safe 5V and can be used to light up buzzers, LEDs, paper cards and more. Combining technology with everyday objects helps kids "experience the science of energy through hands-on explorations." The QMod energy lets users harness the energy of anything from plastic toys to organic plants.

The goal of QMod Energy is to get children excited about electricity, curious about energ, and interested in future carers in the field, hopefully inspiring a generation of innovators who can develop better energy solutions for the future.