From Egg White Chips to Egg-Packed Protein Snacks

 - Sep 11, 2018
To cater to consumers who are seeking out on-the-go breakfast solutions and high-protein snacks, a number of portable egg snacks are being released in inventive formats—including everything from egg-stuffed bagel bites to energizing nutrition bars that prominently feature eggs as a main ingredient. While there are now plenty of protein-rich snacks made with egg whites, as well as portable snack sets that pair hard-boiled eggs with other satiating food products, some of the most standout new egg-centric products include egg white chips and naturally probiotic egg drinks.

When it comes to on-the-go snacking, some brands are even positioning their egg snacks as meal replacements, such as Reichel Foods' PRO2snax and the "peck packs" from Peckish, which have the potential to serve as "mini meals" that can be easily enjoyed as needed.