Bantam Bagels' Newest Creations Combine Bagels and Eggs

Bagels and eggs are commonly offered beside one another on various breakfast, brunch and lunch menus but the newest creations from Bantam Bagels offer consumers a convenient way to enjoy the taste of both with something other than a sandwich. The all-new Bantam Egg Bites are bite-sized bagels that are stuffed with scrambled egg and cheese in four different flavor combinations—Original, Chipotle and Onion Gruyère in a plain bagel bite and Garden Veggie, which is wrapped in a sesame bagel bite.

Each of the 100-calorie egg-stuffed bagel bites is called out for its protein content and has the potential to appeal to those looking for a quick and easy meal. When it comes to preparing the bagel bites from frozen, they can either be quickly defrosted in the microwave or toasted for a few minutes.